Automated Managed Services Ltd

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Automated Managed Services Ltd

Stand No. A090

At AMS (Automated Managed Services), we bring 21st century convenience to turf care mowing and golf range ball management. Your facility could save time, money and energy resources with our automated maintenance robots.

AMS robot maintenance for golf, sport pitches/fields and large residential gardens

A single BigMow robotic mower from AMS can mow an area of 2.5 hectares and gives an even cut. It utilises a manicure style mulching technique that allows the tiny grass clippings to act as a natural fertiliser. Leaving no green waste to collect or remove, it is designed for sport pitches/fields used for Football, Cricket or Rugby. The automated mowing solution can also be used for golf outfields, golf par 3 courses and residential gardens. AMS automated range ball management system for golf driving ranges handles the ball collection, ball washing and ball transportation back to the dispenser.

Ball Collector Robot

The robotic ball collector silently, systematically and automatically collects golf balls on driving ranges. Once it's ball tank is full, the ball picker returns to base to drop off the balls into the AMS return system.

BigMow Robot Mower

BigMow robotic lawn mower can mow upto 2.5 hectares 3 to 5 times per week, producing a healthy green outfield that requires less repair, re-seeding, irrigation and chemical fertilizers.

AMS Ball Wash & Return System

The ball return system is responsible for the automated washing and transportation back to the dispenser of golf balls. It has been designed to work in conjunction with the ball collector robot.