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Stand No. G186

PRACTICAL TOOLS FOR PROFESSIONALS Since 1835, Cramer stands for the highest quality and constant innovation. Our Machines and equipment offer professional users, uncompromising quality, performance and comfort whilst meeting the high demands of our professional customers in even the toughest of conditions - Cramer offers you the ultimate working tools.

Cramer LS5000XP Vacuum

The LS 5000 XP is equipped with an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive and a Starbuck turbine for powerful performance and low noise! Extremely convenient: easy, fast discharge technology. Simply switch a lever to reduce the motor speed and close the discharge channel flap. Now you can easily remove and empty the grass catcher bag. It couldn't be quicker or simpler.

Cramer Vacuum with Gulley Brush

Ideal when you need to remove debris form a gutter or against a wall when vacuuming.

Cramer Powered Sweepers

Powered Sweepers – Clean surfaces quickly and thoroughly

Cramer Tourno

Cramer Mowers - A machine that can do a whole lot more than just mow...

Cramer 82 Volt Cordless Range

The Cramer 82V battery system is the next logical step for our product range, which is designed to help secure the success of our professional customers into the future. You have our word on that. Or as we say in Leer, "So mok wi dat." Rechargeable battery technology is the only way to a successful future in professional gardening. We at Cramer have always believed this to be true. The advantages speak for themselves: significantly higher efficiency and durability, zero emissions and thus environmentally friendly, low noise and vibrations, and future-proof - even in the face of ever stricter environmental requirements. But most of all, significantly lower life-cycle costs than for petrol-powered devices. There are hardly any maintenance costs. This means that battery-powered devices quickly pay for themselves. Machines and equipment for professional users, and uncompromising quality, performance and comfort - Cramer and Globe Group bring the best of two worlds together. In this catalogue, we show you the result: our complete 82V battery range.


The Cramer 82V battery pack is a power source for all 82V gardening tools. Now you no longer must make sure that the battery is suitable for the device you are using, because the 82V battery always fits! You don't need different chargers anymore, and you’ll never have to worry about taking the wrong battery again. This gives you much more flexibility when using your tools. LAWN MOWERS LEAF BLOWERS CHAINSAWS HEDGE TRIMMERS TRIMMERS MULTITOOL UTILITY CART PRUNER SWEEPER