Evopos UK Ltd

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Evopos UK Ltd

Stand No. K122

Evopos is a modern dealer management system, created using the latest technologies – a format most users are familiar with rather than the old antiquated systems, which are often slow and not so intuitive, which then impacts on cost. A low cost solution that most would be able to afford.…

We will convert your old data in to the new Evopos format at no extra cost, this promotion applies to all Saltex attendee's and BAGMA members that visit our stand K122 and leave a business card or contact information.


Evopos Dealer Software

See the very latest in dealer software Our latest Evopos for Service Dealers has hundreds of great new features that will help you give better customer service, save you more time and increase your profits. Our fully automated Web store enables you to create and maintain your own full e-commerce web store at a touch of a button. Evopos-Mobile enables you to access important information and carry out tasks from your phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile supported). Business-Control helps your staff develop their skills and to know exactly how you would like everything should be done. This year will be the first year Evopos we will be at the SALTEX show, so if you visiting the show you can visit our stand, introduce yourself and see a working system in action, Evopos are on stand K122.

Evopos UK Ltd

Evopos is designed around industry specific standards, and having successfully been accredited with ISO9000 and IIP. These have provided valuable business skills to provide a solid foundation whilst developing the Evopos dealer management system that is sometimes copied but never equalled. When it comes to ease of use we prefer a step by step common sense approach allowing everyday tasks to be completed in a straightforward but efficient manner. See the very latest in dealer management software. Our latest Evopos for Service Dealers has hundreds of great new features that will help you save you time and money, maximise profits, improve customer service, cutting edge technology at your finger tips.