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Fusion Media

Stand No. Press Office

Fusion Media is a full service marketing and corporate communications agency and work across all media channels delivering award winning, high quality public relations, marketing, advertising, design, social media marketing and training, photography, event management, and digital media services to a wide range of local, national and international clients.

How social media can benefit your company

Social Media is an easy way to achieve excellent results faster than any other methods - but are you making the most of it?

Fusion Media - working in partnership with Etesia UK

At Fusion Media, we are proud of the relationships that we've built with all of our clients. In this short show reel, we show you some of our work with Etesia UK

Fusion Media Working in partnership with Dennis and SISIS

At Fusion Media; we're proud of the relationships that we've built with our clients. In this short showreel, take a look at our work with Dennis Mowers and SISIS Equipment.

Public Relations

We specialise in helping companies to realise their true potential through dogged hard work and clever PR strategies. We stand side by side with all of our clients to help them build and communicate their brands, messages and reputations. Our campaigns are targeted at a combination of print and online media, both consumer and trade, and include press releases, copy writing and photo shoot styling.

Social Media Marketing

Here, at Fusion Media, we take a strategic approach to social media marketing. We build a strategy to move forward that’s tailored to your brand and your business goals. Our scientific approach is what sets us apart from your average social media marketing agency, and for you this means you will have a structured, measurable social media campaign that promotes clear and tangible communication.

Website Design & Management

Standing out from your competition, appealing to the right target audience, and getting the right end result are all essential components for any successful website. With years of experience working with various industry sectors, Fusion Media has the right knowledge and expertise to ensure your website performs from the moment it goes live.

Video Marketing

Fusion media will help you harness the power of video. Our film work ranges from full corporate videos to online virals, animated motion graphics to HD quality promotional footage. The potential to reach new customers with video marketing has rapidly increased and the ability to capture dynamic aerial shots has become a reality with the use of our video and camera drones.