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Stand No. K120

Over the years we produced and delivered thousands of our concrete ping-pong tables and picnic sets to various countries such as the Benelux, Denmark, France, England, Wales and Southern Scotland. Our concrete products are well-known for their strength. “undestroyable”, “much too strong”, are statements of proud owners of our products!


Concrete ping-pong tables

Our ping-pong tables are moulded in one piece, that means also the “net” in the middle is solid concrete. The playing surface is sprayed in green or blue with a two-component lacquer. The white lining and the “net” are not stickered but solid paint and lacquer. We offer three different kinds of ping-pong tables. The classic rectangular model, or the model with rounded corners for safety reasons. Besides that we developed a big round ping-pong table with a diameter of 2.60 meter for you.

Concrete table football table

This concrete football table is moulded in one piece of concrete. Sprayed in two-component anthracite lacquer, this table is a beauty to see, and it withstands all weather conditions and is ready to play on. The rotating rods, goals and axle of the counting frame are made of high-quality stainless steel -316. The “scoreboard” is made of Nylon 6.6 as well as the balls and poles.

Concrete gaming tables

Our gaming tables consists of a bottom plate with a chess table and two or four seats. Like all other tables and benches of HeBlad, this table is moulded entirely in one piece of high-quality concrete. The bottom plate measures 59 x 149 cm. The gaming tables are available with chess, checkers or ludo.

Concrete picnic table

Our concrete picnic tables are all moulded in one piece. Our tables invite you to sit, ideal along cycling tracks or in squares or parks. Sitting down in relaxed surroundings and enjoying a snack or drink. You have a choice of 6 different models of picnic tables, each of them is available in 3 different designs. The 6 models are sub-divided in 3 Standard models and 3 DeLuxe models. The Standard models are equipped with concrete seating. The DeLuxe tables have seatings made of bamboo.